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Handmade Quilts - is a quilting and quilters resource. We have all of your favorite quilts, and quilt blocks for sale, " Quilting How To's " examples, books, and general information on how to design a quilt, how to make a quilt, and how to care for a quilt. We also provide some history links on quilt styles, methods, and origins.

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Little bits of fabric sewn into a quilt
Form a warm and loving blanket
from which memories are built.
And when you seek peace and comfort
in the quiet of the night.
It will keep you warm and snug
until the morning's light.
(Author: unknown Reprinted from Quilting Angles)

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Quilts book

Quilts Quilts Quilts!

Based on the principle that a solid foundation turns beginners into lifelong quiltmakers, this book covers every tool, every technique, every stitch, every tip and every shortcut in machine and hand quilting--no matter how basic. The all-time classic on quilting, it is an essential handbook for beginners and a constant companion for the experienced quilter. 250 diagrams. 65 color photos.

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