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Ohio Star Quilt Blocks

The Ohio Star quilt block uses a background color and one pattern color. In assembling this quilt you may choose to use more pattern colors, one to a block, but you should be consistent in they background color. This is a nine patch block that has five plain squares and four squares made from quarter triangles. The center square is done in the pattern color. The four corner squares are cut from the background color. It is a simple, classic block that can be made in a number of variations.

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Ohio Star with streak of lightening is a setting of this quilt block, done on point, with a single fabric in between blocks. The way this quilt is set up, the rows between the blocks go in a zig zag pattern, and that zig zag is your streak of lightening in this quilt.

Other Ohio Star Quilt blocks may use more colors. An example would be the variation that has all inside pieces cut in the pattern color, and surrounded by the outside pieces made from only the background color. One block called the Variable Star has the center square and the four triangles joined to it in one color. Each of those triangles is flanked by a second color on the two remaining sides. The background color then surrounds the entire motif. Another option is to make the center square color A, surround it with triangles of color B and set it all off with the background color, color C. There are many choices with the Ohio Star Quilt block.

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